Chicken Opor Flavored Supermi

Chicken Opor is one of Indonesia’s favorite menus for special events: religious festivities or family gathering occasions. The delicious taste of coconut milk broth makes it the perfect dish to be enjoyed together. However, since it is not easy to prepare, this dish become special menu that only appears on special occasions.


Now, your crave for Chicken Opor can be fulfilled anytime. The New Chicken Opor Flavored Supermi! Now available for all family moments. A combination of delicious taste of noodles, a mix of coconut milk and chicken broth added with opor meatballs. Tasty! Every day is a special day. When can you enjoy Chicken Opor? Every day!

Lay’s Honey Butter

Introducing Lay’s Honey Butter flavored potato chips, one of the most popular product variants in Asia Pacific. The combination of sweet and buttery taste creates mouthwatering aroma. Truly irresistible!

Cheetos Puffs BBQ Steak and Cheddar Cheese

Wow ... there is something new from Cheetos!

Cheetos Puffs are available now! With new shape, awesome new flavors and in bigger size…Guaranteed to satisfy your cravings! You can also share with your friends too! Don’t forget to bring along Chester to make it more fun!

Lay’s Sour Cream and Onion

Introducing Lay’s Sour Cream and Onion-flavored potato chips, one of the most-loved flavor in the Asia Pacific region. The iconic combination of onion and soft sour cream provides an instant flavor hit that leaves a delicious flavor in your mouth. It is a wonderful crunchy snack that you can not stand to resist.

Chitato #Foodie

New Chitato #Foodie is a step up from the usual chip-eating experience providing pleasure with every bite. Chitato #Foodie represents new innovations of snacks, containing innovative toppings on each chip, not just an ordinary seasoning. Chitato #Foodie, your unbeatable luxury indulgence.

Indomie Bite Mie

Introducing, Indomie Bite Mie! Round-shaped mini noodle snack that you can play! Just in one bite, and feel a nonstop excitement in your mouth! Fit for everyway, every time, and everywhere consumption! Available in 3 flavors, Pizza Barbeque, Seaweed, and Tempura with a fun-bite crisps on each bite. Indomie Bite Mie, enhance your exciting moment!  

Indomie Real Meat

Introducing the most anticipated new creation from Indomie, Indomie Real Meat, the instant noodles with real meat and toppings. Available in 2 flavors, Indomie Real Meat Chicken Mushroom with real chicken and mushrooms & Indomie Real Meat Rendang with real beef and red beans. With an irresistible aroma and superior  taste, indulge your tastebud and celebrate your day with Indomie Real Meat. Time for you to Meet the Real Meat! Get it now in your nearest minimarkets, super and hyper markets!

Promina Silky Pudding with Real Fruit Bites


New! Promina Silky Pudding, super smooth pudding with real strawberry bites. Tasty snack with high fiber content for toddlers between 1-5 years old. It is the right choice to maintain a healthy digestive system, especially for those who don’t like to eat fruits and veggies

Promina Silky Puding is enriched with high vitamin A, high calcium, choline, and low sugar to meet their daily nutrition needs. Available in 2 flavors: Chocolate and Strawberry, your little ones would love

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Chitato Indomie Goreng

Chitato Indomie Goreng is the first collaboration between two major brands, Chitato and Indomie. Presenting the savoury taste of Indomie Mie Goreng (fried noodles) in every crunchy Chitato potato chip.

Indomie Soupy flavor with no soup

Ada gebrakan baru nih dari Indomie. Kini rasa kuah favoritmu hadir dalam bentuk goreng, lho! Nikmati rasa Soto yang asli banget dan rasa Ayam Bawang yang luar biasa, tapi gak pake kuah. Aromanya dijamin susah dilawan. Ditambah ada kerupuk udangnya yang garing dan renyah, bikin pagimu makin semangat!

Yang unik dan enak cuma IndomieGoreng Rasa Kuah Gak Pake Kuah. Cobain serunya dan share pengalamanmu di Facebook page

Fruitamin Cocobit Splash Lychee

FRUITAMIN COCOBIT SPLASH LYCHEE is a coconut water drink with a refreshing Lychee fruit juice, enriched with Nata de Coco with fun and chewy texture. The packaging is dominated with transparent area with a splash of Pink color which is closely associated with Lychee fruit, with Fruitamin Cocobit logo in the middle part of the packaging. 

Qtela Choco Delight & Cheese Delight
The latest breakthrough Innovation from Qtela : Qtela Choco Delight and Cheese Delight. Made from the real cassava combined with the real chocolate and cheese that really uncomparebly delicious!. Sprinkled with choco powder and melted chocolate drizzle on cassava chips and for the Cheese Delight, It sprinkled with cheese powder and melted cheese drizzle on cassava chips. Qtela Choco Delight and Cheese Delight comes with bag size and cup size
Qtela Choco Delight and Cheese Delight Pillow Pack  can be found at all minimarket, supermarket, and hypermarket around Indonesia .
Be the first to experience the real choco and cheese from Qtela. Don't forget to share your delight experience at our Facebook Page: Qtela Snack and our Twitter account @QtelaSnack
Qtela, new style of togetherness moment!
Indomie My Noodlez

Indomie My Noodlez – Mie for me
Introducing Indomie My Noodlez, the first instant noodles, especially made for children. The noodles are made with carrots and seaweed, added with extra fun crunchy toppings. For children who love to eat instant noodles, Indomie My Noodlez will be their favorite dish because of its yummy crunchy toppings and delicious taste. Their dining experience will become more exciting and fun!
Indomie My Noodlez is available in 3 delicious flavors:

1. Salmon Teriyaki with crunchy carrot and seaweed toppings

The first instant noodles especially made for children with Salmon Teriyaki flavor. The noodles are made with carrots! Children would love the Salmon Teriyaki flavor, not to mention the exciting crunchy carrot and seaweed toppings! Indomie My Noodlez - Mie for me!
 2. Seaweed with crunchy seaweed toppings

The first instant noodles especially made for children with Seaweed flavor. The noodles are made with seaweed! The seaweed flavor is children's favorite added with fun crunchy seaweed toppings. Take a bite and enjoy the crunchy sound in your mouth.
Indomie My Noodlez - Mie for me!
 3. Pizza Cheese with a crunchy cheese & kriuk sosis (sausage flavor crunchy topping)
The first instant noodles especially made for children with Pizza Cheese flavor. The noodles are made with carrots! The delicious Pizza Cheese flavor and added with the crunchy cheese topping and kriuk sosis (sausage flavor crunchy toppings) create an exciting dining experience for the children!
Indomie My Noodlez - Mie for me!
Get Indomie My Noodlez in Minimarket, Supermarket and Hypermarket nearby.

Pop Mie Kari Susu + Kari Keju

Inspired by youth’s obsession in mixing foods, Pop Mie launched surprisingly fun mixed flavors, Pop Mie Kari Susu and Pop Mie Kari Keju, to satisfy youth’s cravings for unique taste.

Pop Mie Kari Susu is a fun mix of spicy curry soup and milk that bring out the creamy and unique sensation, while at the same time exceptionally tasteful. Pop Mie Kari Keju comes with a tasty cheese that melts when dropped into the curry soup, an ultimate temptation for every cheese lovers. Both flavors are definitely worth to try, especially for those who are in search of mouth-watering, unique taste. Watch the TVC

Trenz Mini

Trenz Mini, the unforgotten cheesy triangular shape mini crackers, Mini Size Big Flavor!!

Supermi Rasa Sop Buntut

Since long time ago, Sop Buntut (oxtail soup) has been known as a special menu that often served on special events or family celebrations. However, over the period of time, Sop Buntut becomes a special menu that often only enjoyed in five-star restaurants. And it becomes so rare to meet this particular flavor at home.

But now, Supermi proudly bring back the Sop Buntut delicacy into family cheer and warmth by its newest variant. The new Supermi Sop Buntut. Made from the finest ingredients and rich-flavored spices; also completed with the savory KRENYEL BUNTUT and lingering tasty aroma. Now, anyone, anytime can celebrate and enjoy the best taste of Sop Buntut!

Sarimi Mi Goreng Rasa Pecel

Pecel is a traditional Indonesian salad. The secret of pecel’s delicacy is in its authentic peanut sauce recipe.  Now this authentic taste can be enjoyed in the new Sarimi Mi Goreng Rasa Pecel.  It comes with crunchy peanut topping to give you the complete real pecel experience. With Sarimi Mi Goreng Rasa Pecel, everyone now can enjoy the Indonesian salad in more simple way.

Sarimi Mi Goreng Rasa Sate Ayam

Satay is one of the best Indonesian National Dish. Satay is very popular in the country. Now  you can enjoy this legendary Satay delicacy with the authenctic taste of Sarimi noodle in the new Sarimi Mi Goreng Rasa Sate Ayam. Its seasoning creates the real experience of enjoying satay.  It comes with crunchy topping  to give you the complete real satay experience. Easy to serve and now you can enjoy satay without the charred taste.

Indomie Kuliner Indonesia

Introducing a new breakthrough, Indomie Kuliner Indonesia! Inspired by the distinctive taste of local Indonesian culinary delights from Padang and Lamongan, Indomie now presents Indomie Goreng Dendeng Balado and Indomie Soto Lamongan flavours. Distinct aroma and unique extra toppings serve authentic taste with extra bite!


Get the new variants of Indomie Goreng Dendeng Balado and Indomie Soto Lamongan flavours at your nearest supermarket or minimarket to experience the exceptional spicy delicacy of Dendeng Balado and the fresh tasting soup of Soto Lamongan and its tasty bolemnyes!


Don’t forget to visit the Indomie website at and share your experience about the taste of every bite of Indomie Goreng Dendeng Balado and Indomie Soto Lamongan flavours on the INDOMIE Instant Noodles Facebook Page.

Chitato Brazilian


Caféla Latte

Taste the ultimate coffee latte experience of Caféla Latte. Crafted through unique mixture of full cream milk and creamer with finest premium coffee beans, create the indulgence of savory milk coffee taste that suitable for your chill moment.


Caféla Latte can be found in the minimarkets, supermarkets, hypermarkets, and some retailers nearby.



Get your delicious Sandwich Cookies for your kids, DUETO, is our new sandwich cookies which consisting real flavor with fresh milk cream combination.


Available in 3 variants: Chocolate milk, Strawberry milk, Vanilla milk all in one size 125g

Qtela Ubi Ungu

The latest breakthrough from Qtela: Qtela Ubi Ungu. Made from fresh purple sweet potato, modern and hygienically processed, produces a crispy and uncomparably delicious sweet potato chips! Qtela Ubi Ungu is ready to accompany your family togetherness moments.


Qtela Ubi Ungu can be found in the minimarkets, supermarkets, and hypermarkets nearby. Tell us your exciting experience with Qtela Ubi Ungu in our Facebook Page Qtela Snack and Twitter @QtelaSnack.


Qtela, make togetherness moments even better!

Indomilk Champ

Indomilk Champ, the first Ready-To-Drink Growing-up Milk with Omega 3.


Indomilk Champ with Omega 3 supporting kid’s growth and optimal intelligence. Indomilk Champ enriched with Linolenic Acid (ALA), Choline, Phosphor, Vitamin A;C;E and Rich with Calcium.


Indomilk Champ now available at your nearest supermarket or mini-mart, comes with kids favorite flavors of Swiss Choco and All Star Berries.


Indomilk Champ, The Start of Kid’s Brave Steps!


Oftentimes we as women take good care only of our outer appearance. Despite our attempts to look beautiful and attractive; starting from the way we dress up, the fashionable bag we carry and the high heel shoes we wear; they all would need to be supported by strong healthy bones.


Introducing Calciskim: high calcium milk with non fat, sugar-free and containing CPB - Complete Bone Protection, Colostrum Bone ProteinTM, Vitamin D and FOS. It is enriched with Vitamins A, C, E, and Zinc as antioxidant. The complete formula is highly beneficial to maintain solid, strong and healthy bones. Visit us on Facebook at, or at Twitter @Calciskim for stimulating tips on health, lifestyle and fashion, to help you always to look healthy, active and beautiful.


Healthy Bones, Beautiful You!

Sarimi isi 2

Sarimi isi 2 rasa Ayam Bawang, Garlic Chicken broth blended, toppings with chicken cuts, making the 'Sarimi rasa Ayam Bawang' tastes more delicious...


Sarimi isi 2 rasa Baso Sapi, topping with meatballs broth to make 'Sarimi rasa Baso Sapi' delicious and more fun to be enjoyed...

Indomie Iga Penyet

Inspired by the distinctive Indonesian cuisine, infused with a smokey aroma and hot spices, Indomie presents Indomie Goreng Iga Penyet, the one and only fantastic taste in Indonesia.

Get this latest Indomie variant at your nearest supermarket or mini-mart, and experience the fantastic spicy noodle taste, complete with crunchy barbeque flavour mini meat analogue.

Do visit our web site at and share your fantastic culinary experience of Indomie Goreng Iga Penyet at our Facebook fan page

Ichi Ocha

New!! Ichi Ocha is a New Product from Indofood Asahi, It's a RTD Green Tea made from Ichiban tea, a premium grade Japan leaves, processed with 1x Proses Penyeduhan (1st brewed) create the no.1 taste and aroma.

Ichi Ocha, Feel the New Freshness of Japan Right Now!

Pop Mie Rasa Sosis

Newly launch Popmie Goreng...with two new flavors - The Special sausage and The Hot grill sausage

Share your special moment and tag your photo with Popmie official Facebook Fanpage & Popmie official twitter

Indomie Taste of Asia

Inspired by international flavor, Indomie brings you Taste of Asia with worldwide recipes such as the sizzling Thailand-inspired Indomie Tom Yum, the sweet and savory Korean-style Indomie Bulgogi and the piquant Indomie Laksa typical of Singapore.


Get the new Indomie Taste of Asia variants from supermarkets or minimarkets near you to get the authentic Asian culinary experience and explore the Asian flavors of Indomie Laksa, Indomie Bulgogi and Indomie Tom Yum.


Also visit our Indomie website at and share your Asian flavor experience on our Facebook page

Supermi Rasa Semur Ayam

For ages, Semur has become one of Indonesian culinary flavor heritage passed from generation to generation. Now the Semur flavor comes and perfectly blends with the authentic taste of Supermi noodles in the new Supermi Semur Ayam. Made from the finest ingredients and flavor-rich seasonings, Supermi Semur Ayam creates an irreplaceable delicacy.


Get the new Supermi Semur Ayam from supermarkets or mini-markets near you. Visit also our Supermi website at and our Facebook page

Racik Mie Goreng and Racik Mie Rebus

Bumbu Racik Indofood present a complete solution in producing deliciously-tasting everyday menus with taste consistency. Now it is available in 12 daily-cooking variants.


Provita is the one and only tasty, nutritious, milk and cereal combine with wheat germ.


Govit Sagon Cereal is healthy snack made from cereal based with 11 vitamins and 4 mineral for kids aged 6-12 years old .The vitamins consist of vitamin A, B complex (B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, B12), C, D, E, and K. Minerals consist of zinc, Iron, Yodium, and Copper. It is hygienically processed and without artificial color, artificial sweetener, MSG and preservatives added.

New PopMie

New PopMie... Bigger.. Better.. Tastier..

Sarimi Goreng rasa ayam kremes & Sarimi Soto Koya Jeruk Nipis

It taste wonderful since the crunchy makes Sarimi isi 2 mi goreng ayam kremess more delicious and tasty. Sarimi Soto Koya Jeruk Nipis comes with thicker sauce, more savory flavor and orange felt to fresher.


Introducing Indomie Goreng Cabe Ijo! Made with real green chili and other rich-tasting spices, this latest creation from Indomie draws inspirations from the traditional food of Padang that has been a popular delicacy among Indonesians.


Stop by the nearest supermarkets, minimarkets or even traditional markets to grab this tasty sensation, and be the first to be surprised by the spicy deliciousness of real green chili.


Also don’t forget to visit and drop your comments on our Facebook


New creations of Chitato...!


Chitato comes with new series of "Asian Cuisine Series", inspired from selected and popular cuisines from Asia. Chitato has launched 3 new serial flavors; Japanese Okonomiyaki, Korean Spicy Bulgogi, and Thailand Kung Satay (Shrimp Satay).


These three new flavors offer you a different sensation; distinctive and unique flavors combined with the crunchiness of real potatoes, giving you pleasure and new experiences.


These new series available at Supermarket / Minimarket nearby. Showcasing a more premium appearance, bright colors, tempting flavors and more fillings per pack to satisfy teens drooling appetite.


Chitato is indeed innovative. These new creations of Chitato are ready to leave you with a different and sensational impression. Be the first to try out this new experience offered by Chitato Asian Cuisine. Don't forget to visit; and give us your feedback on Facebook: Chitato Life Is Never Flat & Twitter: @ myChitato.


Enjoy your tounge travel

Qtela Crackers

Following the success of Qtela Cassava Chips and Qtela Tempe Chips, now Qtela is coming back with its brand new innovation which are Qtela Curly Crackers and Qtela Prawn Crackers.


Hygienically and modernly processed using natural ingridients and fresh prawn, Qtela Curly Crackers and Qtela Prawn Crackers are great to consume as a snack or as a side dish with your friends and family during your togetherness moment.


Qtela Curly Crackers and Qtela Prawn Crackers are available at all Indomaret stores at the moment. In a while, both variants will fulfill all minimarket, supermarket, and hypermarket stores around Indonesia.


Be the first to experience the crispness of Qtela Curly Crackers and Qtela Prawn Crackers! Don't forget to leave your comment at our Facebook Page: Qtela Snack and our Twitter account @QtelaSnack.

New Packaging : SUN Ibu Sachet

The complete nutrition special drink for pregnant women are now in sachet packaging (35 gr), Chocolate & Vanilla flavors available

Bumbu Racik Nasi Goreng Spesial Sensasi Anglo (Fried Rice)

Do you like Javanese style fried rice? Then you must like the fried rice spice Anglo Sensation sachet . The aroma makes your mouth water, and the taste is so delicious. To make your fried rice taste even better, try adding supplemental ingredients such as meatballs, sausages, meat and vegetables.

Indomie Goreng Rendang

Claim as no 1 food in the world by CNNGo

Present in Indomie new taste. "Indomie Goreng Rendang"