Environmental Management

ICBP strives to increase the awareness of environmental protection and conservation through the following programs:

    In 2014, the Company’s 27 work sites participated in PROPER environmental management assessment. From 27 work sites, 22 work sites in this year have successfully attained at least blue rating, as compared with 25 last year. And this year, a total of 5 work sites have achieved the green rating, as compared to 1 work site last year.

  • Environmental Management System
    The Company has implemented an Environmental Management System (“EMS”) in each operating unit. The EMS of the Noodles, Dairy, Nutrition & Special Foods and Packaging Divisions have attained ISO 14001 standard.

  • Environmental Management Initiatives
    ICBP’s environmental management initiatives are carried out through a variety of programs, including the following:
    • The 5R program – Ringkas, Rapi, Resik, Rawat, Rajin (Compactness, Neatness, Cleanliness, Maintenance, and Diligence). All the offices and factories subscribed to these basic principles in sustaining a conducive workplace and environment.
    • Green Factory program to implement 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) in operation by reducing water and paper usage and wastage, reusing carton boxes, and recycling materials, such as metal cans and waste oil.
    • Environmental protection activities, such as constructing biopore holes and water absorption wells to capture rainwater and maintain the ground water for the local communities.
    • Green Day program, which the Nutrition & Special Foods Division in Bandung has been organizing since 2011, to manage waste and reduce carbon emissions. By having these innitiatives, Indofood, through ICBP’s Nutrition & Special Foods Division won the prestigious Indonesian Green Awards 2014 initiated by The La Tofi CSR School and endorsed by the Indonesia Ministry of Forestry and Ministry of Industry.
    • Energy-saving programs:
      1. Reduction of fossil fuel usage. Used cooking oil from production is processed and mixed with diesel and used as fuel for the boilers. This has significantly reduced diesel usage in the Food Ingredients operating unit and Snack Foods Division in Semarang.
      2. Implementation of LED lamps. The Food Ingredients operating unit in Surabaya and Snack Foods Division in Semarang have replaced all photoluminescent lights with energy-efficient LED lamps, and achieved reduction in electricity consumption respectively.

  • Sustainable Tree Planting
    ICBP is in collaboration with the World Wide Fund (“WWF”) Indonesia on a tree planting program in conservation forest of Mount Wilis, East Java, to recover the critical riverbank area of Brantas. The Company are committed to plant around 4,000 trees, and will monitor their growth over the next five years using geotagged photos.