Labor Practices, Occupational Safety & Health Practices


ICBP offers equal career development opportunities to all employees regardless of race, religion and gender. The Company fully complies with all labour laws and regulations. The Company provides 90 days of maternity leave for the female employees, and retains their current positions and entitlements until they are able to return to work from their maternity leave. In the area of HR management, the Company strives to fulfill employees’ welfare and expectations.

Occupational Safety and Health Policies

ICBP is committed to the occupational safety and health of all its employees. This commitment is outlined in the SHE integrated policy. The guidelines for these two policies are regularly communicated to all operating units.

ICBP complies with the Government Regulation No. 50 year 2012 to implement the Occupational Safety and Health Management System Certification (“SMK3”) in all its work sites. Up to 2014, there were 19 work sites that have received the SMK3 certification, comprising 15 work sites in the Noodles Division and 4 work sites in the Dairy Division. The Company’s commitment to implement SMK3 continuously minimizes the occurance of fatal work-related accidents and property loss, and aims to achieve a zero accident rate. The SMK3 system is able to accurately identify the source of accidents, assess and mitigate the risks, and implement measures to eliminate recurrence of common accidents.

Until 2014, 7 work sites have received the OHSAS 18001:2007 certification, an international SMK3 standard, comprising 1 work site in the Noodles Division, 5 work sites in the Dairy Division, and 1 work site in the Nutrition & Special Foods Division. This certification contributes to ICBP’s competitive advantage within the export markets.