Product Responsibility

As an established consumer goods producer, ICBP has implemented a rigorous quality control system that complies with ISO 9001:2008 for Quality Management System and ISO 22000:2005 for Food Safety Management System to produce safe, hygienic and high quality F&B products for consumers.

All business operations, from the procurement of raw materials to the production, packaging, sales and delivery of finished goods, subscribe to the Integrated Total Quality Management program. The Company only uses raw materials from qualified suppliers who meet stringent quality control standards in ICBP’s F&B production. Food content information is clearly listed on the packaging of all products.

Halal Commitment

All of ICBP’s F&B products have obtained the Halal certificate and manufactured according to the Halal requirements of The Assessment Institute for Foods, Drugs and Cosmetics of The Indonesian Council of Ulemas (“LPPOM-MUI”).

Indofood has also established an Indofood Halal Secretariate (“IHS”) in 2002. It currently has a Internal Halal Auditor (“IHA”) to perform the functions of the HIS in assessing, monitoring, controlling and auditing the raw materials supply and F&B production processes to comply with the halal requirements. ICBP has obtained the halal assurance system certificate of Sistem Jaminan Halal (“SJH”) from LPPOM MUI for its full compliance to halal requirements. SJH is a HAS 23000 standard which is an international reference and is recognized by 41 foreign certification institutions. The HAS certificate has enabled easier export of ICBP’s products to countries with halal requirements. All IHAs are required to attend training conducted by LPPOM MUI at least once every two years to refresh their competence. In 2014, almost 60 IHA from ICBP passed from LPPOM MUI halal training, bringing the total number of ICBP’s IHA to around 260.

Call Center

ICBP welcomes all consumer feedback. The Company will respond and resolve every complaint, and consider all suggestions for improvements. As the Company receives more than a million messages annually through different channels, it is necessary to streamline the processes and improve the efficiency of the consumer feedback system as our businesses expand internationally. An integrated Call Center System was implemented in 2013 to provide toll-free calls and email feedback for Indofood and ICBP consumers. In 2014, the Company received more than 900,000 calls and 13,000 email feedback from the Customer Service System. The system has greatly improved internal communication and accelerated the resolution of customer enquiries and feedback. All the feedback and responses are recorded and stored in the system.