Subsidiaries & Associate Companies

The Company has direct share ownerships in the following subsidiaris, among others:

No Company Name Nature of Business Effective Ownership (%)
1 PT Indolakto (IDLK) Investment and trade expor agency 68.57%
2 PT Surya Rengo Containers (SRC) Manufacture of packaging materials 60%
3 PT Indofood Fritolay Makmur (IFL) Manufacture of snack 51%
4 PT Indofood Asahi Sukses Beverage (IASB) Marketing ox non-alcoholic beverages 51%
5 PT Indofood Tsukishima Sukses Makmur (ITSM) Industry of foods, processing of oil and fats for bread industry, confectionary and restaurants. 65%
6 PT Indofood Mitra Bahari Makmur (IMBM) Fisheries business and food and fisheries processing in Indonesia 99.9%
7 PT Indofood Comsa Sukses Makmur (ICSM) Chain restaurant menagement 51%
8 PT Indo Oji Sukses Pratama (IOSP) Marketing and distribution of paper diapers products 67%