Indofood CBP believes that its employees play a vital role for a sustainable success. Each and every one of our employee has the potential to excel and to contribute to the success of, not only the company but also the nation.

Indofood CBP seeks to continuously foster and develop this potential at all levels and management for mutual benefit. This is done by investing on human resource development programs to improve their technical and managerial competency, which will lead to better productivity and efficiency of the company in an increasingly competitive market.

testimonials of Graduates & students

Angharad Thom,18 Tahun
Being an intern in Indofood is an exciting experience. I get to learn and explore the daily life in the office, and experience new things. It is helping me to understand just how such a massive operation is carried out. I do a variety jobs to help my supervisors, one example would be research, I throughly enjoy my time here, everyone is friendly and willing to help. It has helped me realize that i would like to work either at Indofood, or in a similar sector when I finish my schooling. Overall it has been amazing experience that has opened up many windows of opportunity for me. I would suggest it to go into this line of work (Indofood).
Andry,18 Tahun
I was not expecting to get info Indofood when I applied as an intern in Corporate Communications Division especially with my accounting & finance background, and I am glad I get the opportunity. Facing new challenges and working environment have given me plenty of new and Experiences from handling and organizing events to work with bunch of professionals. To say the least, although 3 months is a very short time to learn, I am very pleased to have the chance to grow and gain knowledge from these people. This experience would not be this exciting without them and I am thankful for that.
testimonials of Professionals
Hezron Banteng,Management Trainee Divisi Noodle
"Indofood is a large company that offers numerous opportunities to learn and grow. This is the main reason why I chose to launch my career at Indofood as a Management Trainee in the Noodle Division two years ago. During this period, the actual experience that I enjoyed met all my earlier expectations. Extensive learning opportunities as well as a competitive, dynamic and challenging workplace environment, which still maintained a warm and friendly atmosphere, ensured my daily work activities were never routine. The first step in my career indeed determined my future success and positively reaffirmed that I made the most appropriate decision in joining Indofood."
Dwi Wijayanto,Technical Process Development Supervisor Nutrition Division and Special Foods
Indofood CBP's human development program has afforded me the opportunity to become a professional and develop my career within the Nutrition and Special Foods Division. Working with a solid team with a long-term vision has helped us overcome challenges, enabling us to become real champions. Who wants to be the next champion? Join us.
Cynthia Ruslan,Assistant Brand Manager Snack Food Division
Joining the Indofood family has been a happy occasion. A year after completing my tertiary studies in 2010, I was accepted to work in the Snack Food Division at Indofood CBP. Even though I was still "green", the experienced and highly competent employees within the Company did to hesitate to provide me with knowledge necessary to grow. My colleagues, who are easy to work with and full of spirit, made the work environment a comfortable one. And this process is continuing - both my hard and soft skills continue to be sharpened. It is not an exaggeration to say that Indofood provides an enjoyable place to develop.