Our Enterprise Risk Management team processes allow us to identify and incorporate climate change risk into our business strategy at ICBP.

Climate change is characterized by unpredictable weather patterns and an increasing frequency of natural disasters. These events, such as floods, prolonged droughts, and wildfires, can directly and adversely affect our operations and supply chains. This includes shortages of water and other raw materials, disruptions to production, fluctuations in raw material prices (including packaging), and the adoption of more sustainable agricultural practices due to technological changes.

To address these changing needs and demands, we continuously innovate and implement both mitigation and adaptation solutions.

Mitigation includes:

  • Increasing our use of renewable energy, energy efficiency, and overall reduction of Greenhouse Gases (GHG) emissions
  • Water risk assessments, water use efficiency, and habitat restoration efforts

Adaptation includes:

  • Stockpiling raw materials, diversifying suppliers, and contingency planning and insurance for foreseeable emergencies


The main source of GHG emissions in our operations is energy consumption from stationary combustion and electricity use in our operating units.

  • Please see our Sustainability Report for GHG emissions across the product life cycle, as well as other air emissions