As a leading food and beverage producer, ICBP understands the importance of responsible product development, and marketing as a means of shaping health outcomes.

All of our food products are tested and meet regulatory, national, and international food safety standards, as well as Halal guidelines. We also develop innovative and nutritious products and seek to adopt the best available production technologies to meet diverse demand and expectations. Responsible marketing and communication ensures that consumers receive clear and accurate information about product composition, serving size, and nutritional value.

Sustainable procurement of raw materials is essential to our business. Our Sustainable Procurement Policy and Responsible Supplier Guidelines encourage suppliers to implement sustainability practices in their businesses, providing greater resilience against climate change and fostering collaboration and engagement along our supply chain for long-term economic benefits.


  • Product Safety, Quality and Halal
  • As a leading producer of consumer branded products, ICBP commitment to food safety and quality is non-negotiable. ICBP follows Indofood's Food Safety Policy, Quality Pledge, and Halal Commitment, to ensure that our operations, products, and suppliers adhere to the highest standards of food safety and quality, including all relevant regulatory requirements. Read More

  • Products with Improved Nutritional Level
  • ICBP enhances some of its products with micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals. We strive to do more than just complying with regulations as our attempt to deliver products with improved nutrition level. Read More

  • Responsible Marketing and Communications
  • At ICBP, we understand that responsible communications and marketing are key to building brand reputation and consumer trust. We provide accurate and clear product information in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Read More

  • Sustainable and Responsible Sourcing
  • We believe that sustainable procurement practices are key to creating positive economic, social, and environmental impacts throughout our value chain. This is vital for the long-term sustainability of our food supply chain and the maintenance of strong relationships with our suppliers. Read More

  • Socio-Economic Inclusion
  • To ensure long-term success, it is important for us to work with upstream and downstream supply chain partners who align with our values and goals. We strive to identify opportunities within our supply chain to improve the economic well-being of our partners and build community resilience. Read More

  • Resilience and Innovation
  • Adaptability in our operations is key to strengthening our business resilience. Read More