As a major producer of consumer goods in Indonesia, it is important for ICBP to manage waste responsibly in order to minimize negative impacts on the environment and communities and conserve natural resources. We are committed to managing and reducing waste in accordance with all applicable rules and regulations. Hazardous waste is strictly managed in accordance with Indonesian regulations at all of our operating units. It is collected and temporarily stored in licensed facilities before being collected by licensed third parties for disposal.

At our operations, we use the reduce, reuse, and recycle (3R) approach to manage non-hazardous solid waste. This includes separating, reusing, and recycling waste to create further value. Reusable organic food waste is sent to animal feed producers to be reprocessed into animal feed. We work with waste collectors to manage a variety of materials, including post-production plastic waste.

Our flexible packaging factory has internal recycling facilities that convert post-production plastic waste into recycled resin. Some of our production facilities have also partnered with local communities to support waste management.